Kishon river remediation

Fast track project – design start 08-13, construction start 10-13, construction complete 01-14 – only 6 months project achieved

Reduce river bed by 2 meters for 7 km of river for flood prevention and remediate dredged slurry

Detailed design – 10,000 hours

Construction management  – 45 man month

Full EPCM project, earthworks execution

Total project value : 100 M NIS  

Project numbers :

100,000m3 of Earthworks

Over 3.5 km of Roads

Expansion of electrical room with new 2X1250 A panels and new control room

4,000 m of Pipe work installed

2,500 m of electrical cabling, 500 m control cabling

Over 500 m3 of concrete

42,000 m2 of HDPE lining

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