Civil & Infrastructure

A firm basis is indispensable for proper project execution.
Galil engineering group provides the best solutions for structural design for all kind of buildings and equipment foundation – all which meet Israeli and international standards by using advanced software.

Galil engineering group design services include earthwork, traffic design, roads and paving, retaining walls, drainage systems, underground piping and conduits, site development and landscaping, domestic sewage and fire fighting.

The Structural engineering department has vast experience in the design of industrial structures in various building materials such as reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, steel structures and any combination of these materials.

For equipment such as pumps , compressors etc. we design special foundation avoiding resonance.
Several types of engineering software such as Strap is used for static and dynamic analysis , “BENTLEY” and ” REVIT” is used for design in 3d model.
Considerable effort is made to provide design coordination between various systems located on the ground and underground levels.

Civil design includes the following:

  • Foundation design
  • Steel & concrete structures detailed design
  • Static calculations (Strap)
  • 3D design (Bentley)
  • Earth work
  • Traffic design
  • Roads and paving


  • Retaining walls
  • Drainage systems
  • Underground piping and conduits
  • Site development and landscaping
  • Domestic sewage
  • Geotechnics & embankments for ponds, water reservoirs etc.
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