Galil Group offers services to industries such as pharmaceutical (API plants), micro-electronics, biotechnology, hi-tech, labs, food, and water treatment plants. We have the know-how and knowledge to effectively incorporate equipment into industrial plants and carry-out multi-disciplinary projects.

Precise design plays a crucial role in industrial projects, where innovation and efficiency are key to meeting customer demands.  In our engineering design, we consider not only construction elements, but also budgetary considerations. In addition, our design considers operational and maintenance aspects.

We collaborate with partners to carry out functional design during the early stages of a project. We offer in-house services such as architectural design & permitting, civil engineering, process, piping, mechanical design, electrical & instrumentation, automation & control, fire protection and all additional services required to deliver a full engineering package. Our services also include design of industrial offices & buildings, logistic & technical warehouses for industrial projects.

Furthermore, we offer design in the high-tech industries of clean rooms, providing comprehensive services encompassing base building, tool installation, and furthermore we offer services to non-fab facilities.

In the pharmaceutical industry, we offer multi-disciplinary API plants in Israel and overseas for raw materials of the pharmaceutical industry.

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