Safety Policy Statement

Galil Group policy is providing project management services to its clients at the highest standard of safety and environmental protection, in accordance with client expectations, demands and schedules, providing flexible performance and quick reactions to changes, and meeting the quality requirements defined in standards and specifications.

The company’s safety and health policy is well-suited to the nature and size of the organization’s health, safety and environmental risk factor.

To implement this policy, we utilize an effective business management array, which goals are:

  • Business integrity
  • Answering the client’s needs, meeting demands and exceeding expectations, by professional work and polite service.
  • Ensuring a credible atmosphere, by consulting and guiding throughout the project.
  • Ensuring that work is performed safely, striving for no safety-related incidents.
  • Minimizing damage to the environment.

Commitment to preventing physical injury and poor health among workers and providing all solutions to prevent occupational diseases due to exposure to risk factors at the workplace. When performing works that pose a risk of generating occupational diseases, the workers will undergo medical exams to screen for potential risk factors. If such exposure is identified, a report must be submitted to a Health Ministry’s doctor and to the regional labor inspector.

For this purpose, Company Management will provide a safe and hazard-free workplace for its workers and the environment.

The Company’s managers, workers and contractors are committed to preventing dangerous incidents and accidents at the Company’s sites, by demonstrating safe behavior and leading by personal example.

The proactive approach is generally based on minimizing the exposure to risk factors and preventing them.

In case of doubt about the existence of a safety or health risk, no work will be performed until it is clear that the work can be performed without property and bodily damage.

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