Integrated Quality System

Galil Group upholds the importance of quality, safety, and environmental protection as core values. The Group strives for excellence and professionalism across all its operations, while fostering enduring relationships built on trust with customers, suppliers, and employees.

Galil Group considers customer satisfaction to be of utmost importance to its success and existence. It goes above and beyond to fulfill all agreed-upon requirements and strives to meet the customer’s needs to the highest degree.

Galil Group sees its human resources as an important asset in achieving the company’s goals and objectives. Both management, and employees are dedicated to all aspects of the business, while effectively managing the business, safety and environmental risks related to the business operation. Furthermore, the company ensures that the necessary resources are allocated to attain the defined quality goals.

Galil Group management is committed to ensuring a secure working environment for its employees and contractors, eliminating any risks or dangers within the factory premises and affiliated companies.

To safeguard the well-being and welfare of our employees, as well as to prioritize the protection and nurturing of the environment, the management of our Group commits to diligently adhere to all legal obligations, relevant regulations, instructions, and protocols.

Galil Group maintains ongoing monitoring. It constantly audits the quality of service and the effectiveness of the integrated quality management system, in order to continuously improve the process.

The Group’s commitment to quality principles and compliance with certified quality standards will enable ongoing improvement. This will be achieved through several activities, including risk assessment procedure, identifying, and recognizing opportunities for enhancement, and implementing KPI’S. Furthermore, the Group will engage in reflective debriefings and exercises to promote learning and growth.

Galil Group has officially embraced the ISO9001-2015 quality management standard, the ISO45001 health and safety standard, and the ISO14001 environmental management system standard. These standards are an integral part of our system, aiming to uphold the company’s above-mentioned policy and deliver exceptional and reliable services to our clients in the management, design, and construction of projects.

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