Natural Gas

Over the years Galil Engineering Group has performed major energy-related projects. The group is a dominant factor in the conversion of industrial facilities to natural gas and was the first in Israel to obtain a permit for gassing-up by the NGA for such a project.

Galil Engineering Group  was the first to obtain a permit for gassing-up a small-scale  power plant.

Galil Engineering Group is involved in the design and construction in all levels of the natural gas supply chain:

  • Transmission and Odorizing Station
  • Distribution Networks
  • Industrial Natural Gas Projects
  • Power Plants Natural Gas Projects

All projects are conducted in accordance with the Natural Gas Law and all relevant laws and standards.

Our design includes :

    • Preliminary Design
    • Surveys
    • Detailed Design
    • Design Package approval by Inspection Bodies
    • Construction Management and Supervision
    • Procurement services
    • Construction procedures and qualifications including, ITP, WPS, PQR
    • Construction Works
    • Gassing-up, Procedures and Training
    • Construction Stage Permitting Activities
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